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Natalia Kills: Perfectionist – album preview + tracklisting

natalia kills perfection artwork.jpeg 520x520 Natalia Kills: Perfectionist   album preview + tracklisting
Natalia’s debut album ‘Perfectionist‘ has been a long time in the making, but will finally see a release in Germany on April 1st. Releases elsewhere are yet to be announced. Take a listen to the 14-track album, as previewed on Amazon Germany.

1. Perfection
2. Wonderland
3. Free
4. Break You Hard
5. Zombie
6. Love is a Suicide
7. Mirrors
8. Not In Love
9. Acid Annie
10. Superficial
11. Broke
12. Heaven
13. Nothing Lasts Forever
14. If I Was God

In other Natalia news, her debut single ‘Mirrors‘ is now available on iTunes UK.

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