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News: The Bangles release ‘Sweetheart Of the Sun’ artwork & tracklisting

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Legendary ladies The Bangles release their new album ‘Sweetheart Of The Sun‘ on September 13th, and we are very excited about this. The California-themed record will be their first since 2003′s ‘Doll Revolution’, and it sounds like a bittersweet affair if lead singer Susanna’s description is anything to go by:

“L.A. is like paradise–the sun shines 360 days a year, the flowers are always in bloom–but meanwhile, so many people are walking around alienated, depressed and anxious.”

Here’s the ‘Sweetheart Of The Sun’ tracklist – more info as we get it…

01. Annalee (Sweetheart Of The Sun)
02. Lay Yourself Down
03. Under A Cloud
04. I Will Never Be Through With You
05. Through Your Eyes
06. Ball & Chain
07. One Of Two
08. What A Life
09. Mesmerized
10. Circles In The Sky
11. Sweet And Tender Romance
12. Open My Eyes

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