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Nicole Scherzinger reveals ‘Killer Love’ artwork & tracklist

nicole killer love Nicole Scherzinger reveals Killer Love artwork & tracklist

Nicole Scherzinger‘s debut solo album finally sees the light of day on March 21st in the UK, and thankfully won’t be called ‘Her Name Is Nicole’…it will in fact go by the suitably camp and dramatic ‘Killer Love‘. The record features collaborations with Enrique Iglesias (yay!) and Sting (boo!) plus the two singles ‘Poison’ and ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’. Speaking about the record, Nicole gushed:

“This album is fun and dangerous, soulful and with attitude! Music that you can rock out to, dance around, sing and feel good to. It means everything. It’s what I’ve been working up to for my whole life.”

And here’s the ‘Killer Love’ tracklist:

1. “Poison”
2. “Killer Love”
3. “Don’t Hold Your Breath”
4. “Right There”
5. “You Will Be Loved”
6. “Wet”
7. “Say Yes”
8. “Club Banger Nation”
9. “Power’s Out” ft. Sting
10. “Desperate”
11. “Everybody”
12. “Heartbeat (Rudi Wells’ Open Heart Remix)” ft. Enrique Iglesias
13. “Casualty”
14. “AmenJena”

What do you think?

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