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Pop kitty updates you on every diva in the world + more

Sorry guys, we’ve been enjoying the sun too much of late to update the site as frequently as you would normally expect. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s happening in the world of pop, and apologies if you know it already and are totally over it:

popkitty Pop kitty updates you on every diva in the world + moreSophie Ellis Bextor talks to EQ about her new album and being the face of Rimmel London [ElectroQueer]

Akon and RedOne talk about Lady GaGa‘s upcoming album, but don’t reveal much [Idolator]

After the flop that was Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel and the cancellation of its remix project, Mariah Carey is now going back to basics: another Christmas album [That Grape Juice]

After shooting the ‘Rockstar 101′ clip (apparently a US single), Rihanna will now also shoot a video for ‘Te Amo’ - YAY! [Rihanna Daily] More about her ‘Rated R Remixed’ here.

Lindsay Lohan announces album (we’re big fans of this lady). Is she going to pull off a ‘Blackout’ in these weird times? Let’s hope so. [Twitter]

After the massive buzz around Glee‘s ‘Power of Madonna‘ episode, a Britney version might be in the works *WAPS hyperventilates* [Diva Report] At the same time Jennifer Lopez is pleading for a Glee episode on Ellen…*world keeps turning*

The forthcoming Kylie album Aphrodite is apparently VERY good [Popjustice]

Nelly Furtado pushes back forthcoming album ‘Lifestyle’ after succesful extension of ‘Mi Plan’ tour [Twitter]

After her Las Vegas residency, Cher has announced she will go on tour and finally release that new album [Pop in Stereo]

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