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Preview Nicole Scherzinger’s new single ‘Poison’

100816 p nicole 520x292 Preview Nicole Scherzingers new single Poison

Lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is really hoping for success with her second stab at solo fame; her debut album ‘Her Name Is Nicole‘ was  shelved in 2009 after being pushed back three times. Ouch.

We’d say things are looking more hopeful this time around after her warmly-received stint as an X Factor judge (we’ll overlook her bizarre suggestion to change the Over-25s to Over-28s, as we have a feeling the idea wasn’t entirely her own) , especially as she’s also rumoured to be appearing on the forthcoming US edition of the show.

A 1-minute preview of Nicole’s new single ‘Poison‘ has been released online, and you can hear it below.

0 Preview Nicole Scherzingers new single Poison

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