The Escort Max 360 and The Whistler cr90 – which is your choice for effective radar detectors/ cheap detectors?


Electronic car detectors are much-needed devices to avoid police radar detection and make you drive more cautiously and effectively. A typical radar detector can detect Doppler radar-based devices. Most modern radar detection devices come equipped with Lidar (Light imaging, detection and ranging) sensors that are very helpful in detecting laser signals and signals across a range of X, K, Ka and Ku wavelength bands.

The Escort Max 360 and the Whistler cr90 with radar and laser detection signals are two models in $$$ best cheap radar detector $$$ category.

The Escort Max 360: The Escort brand of radar detectors are well-known and their Max detection line is an award-winner. This line-up of Escort Max models has directional indications and provides it users with a very long range, an adequate response time and precision.

The Escort Max 360 has front and rear antennas which can catch a signal from any direction with the help of its Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with great accuracy. The five-level filtering ensure precision and eliminates false alerts. The GPS feature and the ease of connectivity with the Escort Live app via Bluetooth, not only provide protection against conventional radar and laser signals, but also cautions against laser traps and police patrol, red-light and speed camera locations with the help of a database and the warnings issued by other divers in the locality.

The main drawbacks of the Escort Max 360 are the number of false alarms that the device comes up with despite the filters. The customer interface is clumsy.

The Cheap $ for Escort Max 360 Radar Detector does not come really cheap. Though it is a good detector the pricing is on the higher end.

(I say its good) The Whistler cr90 laser radar detector is good when compared to the Escort Max 360, because even with a built-in GPS and advanced features, this is one of the best-priced effective models with a lot of convenient features. This radar detector does not only detect conventional radar and laser signals alone. It cautions against threats like red-light cameras and speed cameras which do not emit any signals.

The Whistler cr90 provides excellent long-range alerts with an assessment of the strength of the signal. There is a Stay Alert feature too which helps you to become very observant, cautious, and conscious as a driver. The only drawback is that it isn’t compatible with any community-threat sharing and alerting app.

The Whistler cr90 makes your driving experience smoother and seamless at a lesser price than the Escort Max 360.

The Cobra radar devices, are a very popular choice and considered good performers for their economical pricing compare models: Cobra radar detector review. The Whistler cr90 laser radar detector is good when compared to Cobra detectors because the sensitive detection capabilities and the filtering of false alarms seem to better than many radar detectors/ cheap detectors in the same price range.


The Whistler cr90 easily fits into the expectations from a $$$ best cheap radar detector$$$ for its lack of compromise on the quality, the long detection range, the efficient features (which includes GPS) and its reliability and durability.