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Video: Avicii ‘Fade Into Darkness’

Avicii Fade Into Darkness 520x520 Video: Avicii Fade Into Darkness

Leona Lewis and Swedish DJ Avicii might have sorted out the legal issues surrounding the former’s new single ‘Collide‘, but evidently not to the extent where Avicii could be stopped from concurrently releasing his version of the song. So, while the world awaits Leona’s ‘Collide’ video, Avicii has again pulled the rug from underneath her by releasing his ‘Fade Into Darkness’ video first. (FYI, ‘Fade Into Darkness’ is the vocal edit of the instrumental formerly known as ‘Penguin’. Still with us?)

Seems like rather a lot of fuss over two quite ordinary songs, but here’s Avicii’s ‘Fade Into Darkness’ video, anyway. Vocals are supplied by Danish singer Andreas Moe.

What do you think?

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