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Video: Blondfire ‘Where The Kids Are’

Screen Shot 2011 10 29 at 11.55.38 e1319885761164 520x286 Video: Blondfire Where The Kids Are

Blondfire are a brother/sister duo from LA, but a whole lot cooler than yesteryear’s Same Difference. This act sounds more like a cross between Swedish electro princess Robyn and MGMT.

Their upcoming album, ‘Win The Game’, was self-produced by the siblings, and their first single ‘Where The Kids Are‘ was mixed by Wally Gagel (Muse, Folk Implosion and Gorillaz – indie fans please take note).

The accompanying video was directed by French director Aurelien Levitan, and features a Lord of the Flies-esque backdrop.

The ‘Where The Kids Are Single’ will be available digitally November 1st.

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