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Kesha Blow video

Video: Ke$ha ‘Blow’

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Perhaps Ke$ha tired of her self-created gutter-slut image, because she actually scrubs up rather well in her new video ‘Blow’. Well – by ‘scrubs up well’ we mean she looks a bit like a cross between Britney and Jordan, but baby steps eh?

The ‘Blow’ video features unicorns, a nonsensical script and a cameo from Dawson’s Creek actor James Van Der Beek, and culminates in a massive laser gun fight…


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    6 Responses to “Video: Ke$ha ‘Blow’”

    1. Great vid, very random tho! James VAn DEr Douche lol

    2. Peter Griffin 27. Feb, 2011 at 1:44 pm

      LOL @ Unicorns getting shot, can’t fault this video. Very funny and original well done Ke$ha one of your best!

    3. This may be my favourite video of all time. So funny! For once, not taking herself seriously translates into something genuinely enjoyable, not just trashy. And she really looked good in this; even rarer than the unicorns.

    4. A good, almost excellent video by Ke$ha,
      with unicorns and rainbows!
      There is still hope.

    5. love ke$ha. James is delicious in this. And it was just hilarious at the end. he haha he haha!

    6. Loving Kesha, she reminds me of a British artist called Gemma Mewse

      Check her out! xx