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Video Preview: Beyonce ‘Love On Top’

Screen Shot 2011 10 09 at 11.35.50 e1318156454323 520x286 Video Preview: Beyonce Love On Top
Beyonce‘s video for ‘Countdown‘ only premiered a few days ago, but the video for her fourth single ‘Love On Top‘ has already been lined up.

A preview was shown on Australian television earlier today, and the clip shows Beyonce in a dance studio rocking some retro dance moves. ‘Love On Top’ is a throwback to ’80s R&B, and – fun fact alert – allegedly sees Beyonce changing key six times in one song. More is more, in B world. More videos! More leotards! More key changes! More weaves!

Update: the full version of the ‘Love On Top’ video is available here.

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