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Video: Sugarland ‘Stick Like Glue’

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Sug Video: Sugarland Stick Like Glue

US country-poppers Sugarland are hoping to ‘Stick Like Glue‘ to the UK when they release a single of the same name on January 31st. The duo – vocalist Jennifer Nettles and beardy background guy Kristian Bush – have already enjoyed huge success back home, selling over 8 million albums and winning numerous Grammy and Country Music Awards across their three-album career.

There’s certainly an audience for this kind of thing here in the UK, but to be honest our main reason for posting the ‘Stick Like Glue’ video is because of the incredibly hot guy being stalked throughout:

Yes, we really are that shallow sometimes. ‘Stick Like Glue‘ is taken from Sugarland’s ‘The Incredible Machine’ album (released February 7th in the UK.)

2 Responses to “Video: Sugarland ‘Stick Like Glue’”

  1. His name is Ryan McPartlin.
    He’s an actor from the American TV series “Chuck”.
    You’re welcome.

  2. Thanks! *stalks*