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Watch: Clare Maguire ‘The Last Dance’

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Labelled by various outlets as one to watch in 2011, Brummie-born Clare Maguire sounds more mature than the average 23-year-old singer. The Daily Mail compared her to Alison Moyet, Annie Lennox and Bonnie Tyler, while others have suggested Stevie Nicks and Sinead O’Conner. We’d throw in Kate Bush and Florence + The Machine. as well. Either way, it’s clear Clare has a big voice and a penchant for epic productions.

Clare is following up her dramatic ‘Ain’t Nobody‘ single with’The Last Dance‘ (video below), both of which will be included on her fortcoming debut album ‘Light After Dark’, out February 28th.

  • If you want to hear more, head over to Clare’s official website, where you can download a free MP3 of ‘Strangest Thing‘.


  • Video: Clare Maguire ‘The Shield & The Sword’
  • Listen: Clare Maguire ‘Burn’ (iTunes bonus track)


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