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Watch: Kirsty vs. Igor Blaska ‘Green’

Green Shot 52 520x201 Watch: Kirsty vs. Igor Blaska Green

Singer-songwriter Kirsty Bertarelli – whose work you’ll already be familiar with, given that she penned All Saints’ classic ‘Black Coffee‘ – has teamed up with Swiss producer Igor Blaska for a hot dancefloor collaboration entitled ‘Green‘. Why the title, you ask? Well, we shall tell you!

Both the lyrics and video are central to Kirsty and Igor’s dedication to the protection of nature, and a portion of the proceeds will be going to the WWF to support their ongoing conservation projects around the world. So hop along to iTunes now and get downloading! The full remix package includes new versions from Robbie Rivera, Full Intention aka Michael Gray and Jon Pearn, Loverush UK!, Laurent Wolf and Fred Lilla.

Check out the ‘Green’ video below:

… and check out Kirsty Bertarelli’s official site here.

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