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Watch: Lady GaGa performs ‘You & I’ on Jonathan Ross

gaga 520x259 Watch: Lady GaGa performs You & I on Jonathan Ross

Lady GaGa returned to the Jonathan Ross sofa last night for yet another performance of the interminable ‘You & I’. Her most famous appearance with Ross saw the superstar sipping from a tea cup, but this time she was clad in latex atop a country-themed set. Of course, this resulted in Gaga gifting Ross with a sheep. Wacky!

Make sure to watch the last bit of the performance where Jonathan joins GaGa on the hay stacks, only to be told “you have a teenie tiny erection“. Grim.

After the performance, she tweeted:

Love dearly my talented and wonderful Haus. Very proud of this piece. Watch this Jonathan Ross Performance of U & I.

‘You & I’ (Live on the Jonathan Ross Show) [ITV site]

Interview with Jonathan Ross

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