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Watch: Marina & The Diamonds post ‘Part 1: Fear & Loathing’ video

matd  520x261 Watch: Marina & The Diamonds post Part 1: Fear & Loathing video

Marina And The Diamonds (aka Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis) is going all conceptual with her second era.

New album ‘Electra Heart‘ is expected later this year, but we’re not entirely sure if ‘album’ is the correct term – maybe project would be better?

Here’s what Marina has to say in the info box underneath her newly-posted ‘Fear And Loathing‘ video, which sees the singer cutting her hair into a choppy bob:

“Fear And Loathing”
“Electra Heart” epitomises and embodies the lies, illusions and death of American ideologies involved in the corruption of self.
“Part 1″ is called “Fear And Loathing”. This includes a preview of an album track, under same title.
“Part 2″ will be posted on this same page next Monday at 4pm.
Nice to be back,

Still with us? Good. Here’s the video:

We’ll be bringing you the next one in a week, it would seem…


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