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Watch: Natalia Kills premieres ‘Free’ video featuring

Natalia 520x520 Watch: Natalia Kills premieres Free video featuring

Natalia Kills tells us to ‘stretch that dollar bill‘ on her latest single, ‘Free‘, which features a guest-rap from that even Rebecca Black would raise an eyebrow at. Observe:

I got some money in my pocket & I wanna go shopping
And go buy me some things I like
I saw some kicks up in the mall that I just gotta be rockin’
I love to rock them things I like

Thanks for that, will. Also, how exactly can Natalia feel ‘free’ with an overdraft on her overdraft and an anorexic credit score? Also, she tells us that she could ‘look fresh in a potato sack’, but SO CAN A POTATO.

‘Free’ is the third single from her ‘Perfectionist‘ album, expected in 5th September 2011.

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