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Watch: Take That premiere ‘When We Were Young’ video

tt 520x332 Watch: Take That premiere When We Were Young video

Take That have just released the video for ‘When We Were Young‘, the second single from their ‘Progress’ reissue ‘Progressed‘. This seems to have come out awfully quickly after ‘Love Love’, doesn’t it? And as with ‘Love Love’, ‘When We Were Young’ also doubles as a film theme – this time for the upcoming Three Musketeers. Not that you’d know from the video, mind – it’s just a black and white affair filmed in the aftermath of their recent Wembley Stadium gigs.

Here’s some waffle from Gary Barlow about the song:

“[Three Musketeers] is visually so rich and beautiful that our main challenge was to then match it musically. We’ve returned to guitars, real pianos and a conventional song structure to achieve this. We also thought that the Musketeers reminded us of ourselves.”

Obviously we completely believe him and in no way think that ‘Progressed’ is a cash-in thrown together with offcuts deemed unsuitable for ‘Progress’…

UPDATE: For some reason this video comes up as ‘private’ unless you watch it here.

‘When We Were Young’ is released on August 22nd.

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