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Watch: The Ting Tings return with ‘Hang It Up’ video

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We’d pretty much given up on ever hearing from The Ting Tings again, considering that their big comeback single ‘Hands‘ first premiered last summer, and failed to be followed by their second album.

Since then, the group have continued to tour and update their social media pages a LOT (with little concrete information on new material or release dates), but today they’ve finally delivered a new video.

Hang It Up‘ sees the group making a return to their original sound – the more electro direction of ‘Hands’ has presumably been ditched, but who knows – and depicts the duo hanging out in a skate park. We quite like it – anything that appears to sample Billy Squier’s ‘Big Beat‘ is on to a winner – but aren’t they getting on a bit for this kind of thing?

What do you think?

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