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Watch: Wynter Gordon dresses up for ‘Buy My Love’ video

wyntergordon Watch: Wynter Gordon dresses up for Buy My Love video

While dance-pop diva Wynter Gordon has finally released her debut album ‘With The Music I Die‘ in Australia (and a shortened EP version in the US), no releases appear to be on the horizon for UK fans. A shame, as her absurdly upbeat and catchy new US/Australian single ‘Buy My Love‘ is never off our stereo at the moment. Wynter’s straight-to-the-point lyrics adopt an updated ‘Material Girl’ vibe – though possibly even cheekier than Madonna‘s – and come with an 80/90s-inspired video complete with lots of fun montages in a vintage shop with her friend (played by Zelda Williams – daughter of Robin, dontchaknow).

Says Wynter:

“It’s a very upbeat, happy song about not being a gold digger but about wanting somebody to spend a little time with you, a little loving. [The video features] crazy outfit changes [and] we meet some crazy boys in the store and we dance and have fun. It’s like High School Musical on Valentine’s Day in 1980.” {source}.


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    1. It also has Dixon out of 90210! haha

    2. Silvan Schreuder 09. Sep, 2011 at 7:06 pm

      very true… but we never really got into 90210 – is it still airing in the UK?

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