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Win an iLuv package for your MP3 player / mobile phone!

iSP100 GALAXY S e1316036961234 520x423 Win an iLuv package for your MP3 player / mobile phone!

iSP100 travel stereo speaker for MP3 players and iPod (phone not included)

The kind folks at iLuv have given us a highly desirable package of mp3 player/phone accessories which we are giving away to one lucky reader!

The goodies can be used with Apple devices (iPhone/iPod) as well as other mp3 players and smartphones (BlackBerry, Android). If you’re interested in owning the following items, keep reading…

  • 1 x travel stereo speaker (iSP100): a powerful built-in speakers allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity.
  • 1 set of earphones (iEP515) with built-in microphone for your iPhone.
  • 1 set of pink earphones (iEP314) – pink darling!
  • 1 x international Triple USB Power Adapter Pack (iAD217) – triple USB ports to charge up to three devices at once. Charges your iPhone / iPod or any other USB devices with AC adapter.
  • 1 x Portable USB Rechargeable Battery Kit with Mini USB Cable (iBA200) – rechargeable, external battery pack provides back-up power for most USB powered devices. Perfect for use on the go.
  • 1 x Dual USB Car Charger (iAD219) – dual USB ports charge up two devices at once. Quickly charges up to two devices at once via USB.
For your chance to win this package, simply answer the question below.

What is Spotify’s most-playlisted track (you can find a hint on iLuv’s Facebook page) (time of writing: 26/07/2011)?

Competition is now closed.

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