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Zoë Badwi: Freefallin’

Zoe Badwi s Free Fallin video 134736 520x346 Zoë Badwi: Freefallin

Melbourne-based dance singer Zoë Badwi had a club hit with ‘Release Me‘ across Europe last year. She’s now back with ‘Freefallin’‘, which is bound to be another success story in the clubs  – as well as having huge crossover potential. Zoë’s catchy and uplifting vocals quickly take up residency in your head, and you’ll be humming along before you know it.

0 Zoë Badwi: Freefallin

‘Freefallin” was written by Australian funky house duo Denzal Park and Amy Pearson, and the video is expected to premiere on July 19th.

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